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Steklo Laptop Stand

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    • Laptop Stand You Looking for. Works with all laptops from 12-17 inches. Its Foldable Stand keeps your Laptop Cool and at the Perfect Height. Works great with Laptop and MacBook screen size 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 inches. This Laptop Riser giving you Ergonomic positions hands and better posture and less back or neck stiffness. Newest Version
    • MacBook Pro Stand that Keeps your laptop from sliding off and is easy to assemble. Ergonomic Laptop Stand can be Fold into One piece with a Weight of 5.8 oz and Size of 6.3 inches when folded. Fully Compact Size and Lightweight to be put in your Laptop Bag and carry around together with your MacBook Pro or Air
    • Keeps Your Laptop Cool and Ventilated. A portable Laptop Stand increases Airflow to help keep your Notebook cooler and prevent overheating and crashes. High-quality Aluminum MacBook Pro Stand provides solid stability and efficient laptop cooling. Perfect MacBook Pro stand for desk work, home, school, office, or travel

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Extremely Portable Stand

    I absolutely love this stand! It works for my 13.3" Lenovo laptop with no problem. The best feature is its portability, since I am in college it's easy to throw it into my backpack to take with me on campus. It doesn't take up too much room in my bag. This stand is surprisingly durable, I've had it for a year and use it almost daily and it still looks and functions like it's brand new. While it doesn't elevate the laptop a lot it does enough to where it is ventilated which is why I love it.

    new dx guy
    Love these stands...

    Didn't exactly get this for a laptop, but got it (as a gift form my wishlist) for my Push 2 controller and it works great at putting it a nice angle to avoid the reflection of the room lights on the large glass screen of the controller. It works great and raised it higher than I though it would based on how it looks fully extended with nothing on it. I would prefer it to be about $10-$15 instead of $20+, but it's price is pushing how much I would pay for something like this. It's is sturdy enough, but I wouldn't say it's built like a tank though. As for the rubber feet, they hold my controller in place just fine while tapping on it. They do not have a rubbery tacky type of grip, but more of a firm plastic that will slide fairly easily if pushed. For my use that is not a bad thing as I like to slide it forward and back on my desk as I need to use it, but it holds enough to not slide when I'm actively using it. I'd recommend it.Update 02/17/17I really did not remember writing a review for this product or even remember when I wrote the review, but I've had one of these for awhile now and absolutely love the thing. Since I only had one I was switching it around to use with other things. Recently, I got an XPS 13 laptop and was wishing I had another one of these stands but could not remember the name of the company or the type of stand it was. I eventually found it the other day, but never got around to ordering it. To my surprise my wife bought me one !! Probably one of the bests gifts I've gotten in the two decades we've been together. Theses stands are awesome. I was previously using it for my Push 2 Controller, then, decided to try it with my MPC 2000xl. It is larger and heavier then a laptop, but the stand hold and angles it perfectly. The new one I just received is intended to be used for the XPS 13 laptop and it angles it nicely; however, the only issue I have is the fact that the laptop is so thin that the front two lips of the X stand sit higher than the edge of the laptop. As a result, whenever I rest my hands on the laptop to type, I can feel the two front lips of the stand pressing on my hands. Can;t really say it's a flaw of the stand because the laptop is so thin, but hopefully they make another model for thinner laptops (??) I know I'd buy it in a heartbeat....

    Sandra E. Hargrove
    Great table top stand for MacBook Pro

    I really like the angle of this stand for my MacBook Pro 13. The front legs put the keyboard at a comfortable typing angle while the back legs raise the screen high enough for viewing and allows space beneath the stand to keep the computer cool. The rubber/plastic feet hug the table and do not harm the computer. Perfect!This x-stand would not be useful for lap use but that is not what it was designed to do. I am very happy with this product and would highly recommend it for use on a table or desk top.

    Portable and just the right angle

    This is the perfect minimalist stand for my 13" MacBook. It gives me just the right angle for easier typing and it folds up nice and small to fit in the pocket on my sleeve.

    Tim Nguyen
    Beautiful and very functional stand for laptop computers.

    The stand has simple but very innovative design in my opinion. It is so compact and does its job exceptionally well, which is lifting laptops up and tilt them to a comfort height. The material is mostly aluminum which is like icing on a cake. Beside foldable for carrying around, the stand also adjustable so it could fit a wide variety of laptop computers. Literally the simplest but most functional stand at its price. Highly recommend it!

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