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Amazon Basics Adjustable Tablet Holder Stand

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    • Compatible with Apple iPad 1, iPad 2, the new iPad, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Touch, Kindle e-Reader, and other tablets and e-Readers with or without a case or sleeve
    • Extremely portable, fits in any bag or pocket
    • Non-skid base design keeps the stand secure on flat surfaces

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    D. Bez
    Pretty Neat Accessory

    This is another quality product from the Basics brand. Its use is simply to be a stand for your tablet (iPad, Fire, etc.) so that it will stay upright without you having to hold it. I can also turn on the picture frame function on my iPad, which is nicely displayed on the stand. For iPad users, you will not have to worry about scratches as there is heavy rubber padding at the points which touch your tablet. The stand is foldable, and the joints are stiff enough that it won't move while you are using your tablet. (In fact, they are perhaps too stiff as you do have to exert some force when folding/unfolding the stand. But I'm thinking that it will loosen up a bit as I continue to do this) For those who have cases, such as the smart case on the iPad, the stand will support your device with the case (although personally, I'm tempted to take the case off when using the stand).Overall, I would recommend this stand for all tablet users. Under $15, it's certainly worth it.

    V. Gaines
    Awesome for external monitors too!

    After seeing this pop up on a weekly deal email, I thought it might just be the solution I was looking for to help with an external monitor that I travel with. I have an ASUS portable USB external monitor that I use as a second monitor with my laptop that came with a very lame "stand" of sorts. The case that you store it in can somehow be contorted to act as a stand...which I have never successfully got to work. I end up leaning it on lamps and such at hotels while traveling. But this little stand worked great! Fully adjustable to fit whatever circumstances, and cushioned to keep the screen from sliding around. It folds up to about 7" long by 1" tall and 1" wide...which fits perfectly in my backpack. I know it was intended for iPads and such...and I can see where that would work great too, but if anyone has the same problem I had with a travel monitor...this is THE solution for it!

    Free Range Clickin'
    Does the job - UPDATED

    This cheap plastic gadget was well thought out. It does the job in keeping my big Fire HD propped up at the correct level.UPDATED on September 14, 2014: I've used this gadget for a year now and still like it. I recently sold my Fire HD, and in my search for its replacement I tried an iPad Mini, an Acer 8" tablet, and finally, a Nexus 7 FHD (2013 model) tablet. The Nexus 7 was the keeper. I used this stand with each of the contenders, both in portrait and landscape mode. Because the stand is so adjustable, it securely held all three of those tablets.Dollar for dollar, it's one of the best technology buys I've ever made.

    Jonathan Jarvis
    The very same model as the Arkon stand

    I happened to order one each of the Basics and the Arkon. stands. Comparing them, they are exactly the same, including the same embossed model number made in Taiwan, except that the Basics stand has a nice logo printed on it and comes in a cardboard box, whereas the Arkon stand comes in a plastic envelope. The model is one dollar cheaper. Either stand does an excellent job of supporting a Nexus 7 tablet while I type on a Bluetooth keyboard. I still prefer a laptop for editing text, however, but the stand makes text entry feasible with a tablet when a laptop is not available.

    Carol B.
    What a handy item!

    This stand is easy to maneuver to what ever position I need for my Paperwhite or iPad. Great for anyone looking for hands free reading on a or looking for a strong stand to hold the iPad at just the right angle when trying to reduce glare.

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