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SteelSeries All-Platform Gaming Headset

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  • Optimal PS5 compatibility requires the user to change settings on Sony PS5 disable Sony 3D Audio and then increase default volume to 100%
  • Designed for everywhere you game, with superior sound, comfort, and style on all gaming platforms, including pc, PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, VR, and mobile via detachable 3.5-millimeter cables
  • Widely recognized as the best mic in gaming, the discord certified clear cast microphone delivers studio-quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation
  • Sound is your competitive advantage with the s1 speaker drivers, engineered to produce ultra-low distortion audio so you hear every detail
  • Play all day with athletics inspired performance fabric air weave ear cushions that keep your ears cool and dry
  • Windows sonic spatial audio fully compatible with native surround sound built into windows 10 pcs and Xbox one consoles; Headphone sensitivity: 98 dB

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jake and Jess
Great headset for gaming

Lets start with the general top complaint;I've never had the issues with pressure or fit others have seem to have, the band is adjustable to a certain degree and cheap to replace if worn out.The sound in game is fantastic, although coming off of some more studio focused headphones the music experience is less then desirable out of the box.Thankfully, the software allows for in depth control and allows for multiple profiles to tune each of your experiences.The mic isn't out of this world, but no worse then competitors in this price range so no complaints on that regard.Battery life is fantastic, a small issue is the audible beep every 20 seconds or so if the battery is low.I highly reccomend if most of what you do is gaming.

Arctis Pro Headset Is Easy To Set Up, Comfortable And The Sound Quality Is Incredible And Sometim...

I’m reviewing the Steel Series Arctis Pro headset. It’s a great gaming headset. My teen did the set up with me watching and it was extremely easy and took under 5 minutes referring to a really concise set up tutorial on a You Tube video (https://youtu.be/zcW9BbPK1VY). Basically, he plugged it in, changed devices settings and installed the optional SteelSeries engine (easily found by googling) for customization. It’s worth installing as it allows for a lot of customization, such as noise reduction and changing the lights that border the earpieces and highlight the microphone.I play games occasionally, but my teen is a seasoned gamer and mainly plays CS:GO. He’s great and reached Global Elite on a modest system. He’s been a Razer fan ever since he first started gaming and is a creature of habit, so he always ends up choosing Razer Kraken Pro over other good headset brands he’s tried. But this time is different. He’s actually switched to the Arctis Pro headset. He feels it’s a considerable step up (both in price and in quality) and isn’t switching back this time- though he customized the color to green to match his Razer keyboard, mouse and pad.The Arctis Pro headset has a sleek, high end feel and look. It’s padded nicely and feels really comfortable for extended hours of gameplay. The headset is easily adjustable with a head band that you simply adjust on the top. The Razer Kraken Pro is also adjustable, but adjusts as to length on the sides. Both ways work about the same to meet our needs, and my son and I feel both headsets are comfortable. How they adjust isn’t an important feature to either of us and is more about personal preference.The SteelSeries engine allows you to test your own voice with your mic, and the quality sounds crisp and clear to both of us. Aside from comfort, the audio is obviously the most important aspect of the headset, and sound quality on the Arctis Pro is fantastic. The improved sound quality over my son’s old headset helps his gameplay as he can hear details, such as footsteps, a little more clearly than he could before- which can be game changing when it gives away the next move of his enemy. The Arctis Pro is an excellent headset and gets 5 stars.

Matthieu Hausig
Goo, stylish looking headphones

These headphones are both comfortable and great sounding. I tried them for music, movie and games and was pleased with the results for all three. Bass response is good and goes deep. Installation was easy although downloading the software package is recommended. I wasn't all too impressed with the DTS feature. Maybe it was just a lack of good source material but the effect seems minor to me. On the other hand, these headphones come with a rather long cord that connects to a fader switch having it's own cord so there is a decent range of movement available for those that might be interested in using these for VR.

So this happened....

My mom was calling me for dinner while im playing game with this headset, couldn't hear a thing, my mom got mad and she threw her flip flop at me cuz she thought I ignored her.5/5.

Jay Pacaldo

These are great for gaming. Especially FPS games. The foot steps are crisp and clear. They are very comfortable and I love them. The design is slick and not very bulky. I get so immersed into the gameplay because of the great noise cancellation. Also the mic isn’t too bad also if you’re going to use them for chatting. The only thing is that the button for the mute mic option is sometimes hard to press. But that does not really bother me. I just love how it has the option to mute. These are amazing for hours and hours of gameplay. I thought that they would hurt my ears after a while but I was wrong. These are amazing if you’re on a budget!

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