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Scepter Military Water Container - 5 Gallon

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    • Easy to transport
    • Lighter, better, safer
    • Food grade material
    • Superior impact resistance
    • BPA-free construction
    • Fit type: Universal Fit


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Very Sturdy

    Have used only once, but am impressed so far. I do not have the 'wrench' that others have used, but seems like it would be helpful. For now, just tightening by hand. For the small cap (for air release) I recommend keeping small pair of pliers handy, since it needs to be very tight or will leak.

    Wet Foot Wes
    Be careful of how you carry it

    I use mine on a CBI rear swing out bumper on my Overland equipped 4Runner. The carrier made by CBI is "universal" in size for all Gerry cans. Not quite. I had to saw a corner off the top of the unit so it did not shear off the pouring nozzles. and my non Scepter can rattles. I need a red Scepter and will modify their (CBI) carrier.It is a great can.

    J. Porter
    Extreme quality

    There are undoubtedly the real deal and are unbelievably sturdy. There is no doubt in my mind that these jugs will outlast a lifetime of use. Given how large they are and the shipping costs, picking these up on is a killer deal too. Long gone are my days of buying brittle 2.5 gallon disposable plastic water jugs from the grocery store only to find them leaking months later. This product was built to take abuse and it's construction is impressive!

    Aluminum inspector
    Well worth the money. Not Chyna crap

    Extremely durable. Glad we had this during this past Winter here in Texas when power and water was lost for several days.These are MilSpec and definitely well made.Made in Canada by scepter, the same ones I used in the Army.I would recommend the lid wrench if you are going to put a few of these up and want the lid to be tight.Lid can still be tightened by hand and not leak but if you're going to transport them definitely recommend the wrench.

    Thomas Reiter
    Solid gear

    This is a solid piece of gear. Mine came with O-Rings, does not leak.I would not buy a spigot, they don't actually work well because the air valve is covered up when the cannister is on its side. I bought one of the Scepter spigots but it was a pain to use, so instead I bought a wide-mouth two liter bottle and now simply fill that up from the big cannister to use around camp, and refill it when its empty.

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