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Rain Design Laptop Stand

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    • Raises notebook screen height to eye level for better ergonomics (5.9 inches).
    • The single-piece aluminum design provides solid stability and acts as a heat sink to cool the laptop
    • The back cable management hole is 2 inches in diameter. Cable organizer behind routes wires neatly
    • Sand-blasted and silver anodized finish matches Apple notebooks. Keyboard stash clears up desk area when not in use
    • Compatible with Apple Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and other laptops with depths less than 10.4 inches

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Yogesh Patel
    Five Stars

    This stand makes a world of difference as far as ergonomics are concerned.

    One of the best computing accessories I've ever purchased!

    I know there are already thousands of 5-star reviews for this stand, but I feel compelled to post yet another one. I recently decided to simplify my life by doing away with a laptop and iMac, keeping them in sync, etc. I bought a new 15-inch MacBook Pro, configured it, and put it on this stand and I couldn't be happier!The stand quality is such that you can't tell it from something Apple manufactured themselves. The Space Grey color matches my laptop perfectly, even down to the actual finish quality. The pass-through hole in the rear of the stand helps neatly manage any cables from the side of my laptop, adding to the overall neatness.If you're on the fence about purchasing this product, don't hesitate any longer. It's a perfect solution to keep your MacBook Pro display exactly at eye level, and it also keeps it close to you so you can use the TouchBar. If you have a pull-out drawer for your keyboard and mouse, like I do, it's even better. I can now position the stand (and MacBook) at the exact distance I want from my eyes. Oh, it's VERY stable, and if you needed to type on it, that would not be a problem at all.

    Pearson Wung
    Great one-piece design.

    This is a sleek and elegant laptop stand that looks like it could've been designed by Apple. I use it mainly with a 13" MacBook Air. I also have a 14" Dell laptop that spends a fair amount of time on the stand, so the stand isn't just for Apple laptops.I like that the stand is one solid piece-- nothing to assemble and more importantly, absolutely no chance of it accidentally coming apart while your laptop is on it. (The stand is fairly sturdy, but not sturdy enough for anybody hoping to type on a laptop while it's on the stand. The stand flexes a little so it'll bounce up and down while typing from the weight of your wrists on the laptop. I assume that most people will use an external keyboard and mouse/trackpad with the stand... it's just not very comfortable typing on the laptop keyboard while the laptop is on the stand.)The stand's height isn't adjustable (it's one piece after all), but it seems to be at a height that would be comfortable for most people. I primarily work on an external monitor, so the height of the stand hasn't been a major concern for me.The space underneath the stand is great for stashing away an external keyboard when I'm not using the laptop and need to free up some desk space.

    Happily Supporting 15" Macbook Pro Retina

    Originally I was skeptical about whether or not I wanted to spend the extra money on a swivel base; considering how useful and easy it is to utilize this feature, and how useful I've found it to be, I have zero regrets about this purchase. It provides very strong support to suspending the laptop in the air without worry of it tipping over, and the rubber pads are large enough to keep the laptop from being scratched by the metallic components of the stand. The feet are rubberized as well, sticking firmly to my wooden desktop surface. A thing to note however is that the base, while swiveling very smoothly, can be accidentally rotated if it comes into contact with an errant limb or wandering desktop cat.It's at a very ergonomic height for viewing, though I've found myself utilizing a large wrist pad to eliminate strain on my elbows against the hard desk surface if I am typing directly onto my laptop's keyboard.I cannot recommend this product enough for use with a 15" Macbook or laptop of comparable size.


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