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NEXGADGET USB Charging Station Dock

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    • 1 STATION FOR ALL DEVICES: No more adapters and messy cables,8 USB ports and 8 cables charge multiple devices directly. Ensures safe charging with built-in smart IC. Not only organizes your devices, and also charges them safely and steadily.
    • CABLES INCLUDED: Clutter-free cables with 8 perfect-sized charging cables,4 Miro USB cables for Android Gadgets, and 4 Lightning cables for Apple devices. Enjoy a neat and tidy desk even if 8 deceivers were charged at the same time.
    • DETACHABLE BAFFLE: With 9 detachable baffles, easily adjust the width of the slots, hold your devices even they are in the cases, baffle compatible with AirPods and Apple Watch also included. Not only charge phones but also have enough space for tablets. Please note that the baffles glow when charging.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Michael Renigen
    Great organizer and needed it more than I knew

    Has this for about 6 months now (1/2019-6-2019) and it's been a great help right next to my bed/desk (they are very close together. I use it as my daily charger phone my two cellphones (S9 and T-Mobile Revvl). I also use it to charge pretty much anything else like powerbanks, game controller, blutooth headset/headphones, Nintendo Switch and anything else that needs charging. Leaving out some dividers to make a double space cubby is very helpful when charging controllers and powerbanks. If this one ever breaks (which I think will be a long time from now) I will definitely get this one again for it's customizable dividers and it's many USB Ports. The only qualm is you'll need to buy more USB C and Micro USBs if you're like me and stays away from Apple products like the plague.

    Worth every penny!

    I have 4 kids and a bunch of devices! 4 tablet/iPads 4 phones, and this doesn’t include my husband and my phone.Anyway this charging station is the perfect size and has the right amount of connections. I also love that the base and the feet has a rubber to avoid slips. This also includes smart watch adapters to add onto the charging station. It also includes 4 Apple chargers, 2 C-cables, and 2 of the older android chargers. This definitely works as they are perfectly sized.

    R4LDZ ✅
    Very Convenient!

    We have a lot of mobile devices at home, and it has been a recurring problem that we ran out often of wall sockets to charge our devices, even the power strips we have can sometimes get very cluttered, and add those chargers with obnoxious sizes that takes up 2 sockets on the power strip. These product solved majority of our problems.Honestly, I hate assembling devices, although this product needs assembly, it is very straightforward and easy. You can figure it out without reading the manual. The black base is very sturdy and can blend to any end table or coffee table. The transparent dividers add a little class on the appearance. This product has 8 USB ports, 4 of them are 2.4amp, and the other 4 at 1.0amp. You can configure the dividers to accommodate devices of different sizes, it even includes charging cradles for Airpods and Apple Watch. This product works great and charges our devices as expected. This product has just helped us freeing 7 wall sockets! That's convenient!Overall, I will not hesitate to buy this again if needed. Highly recommended.

    Great buy!

    This is an outstanding product that is a great deal and fits our needs perfectly. So nice to not have devices laying all over the place! Our kids now know where to put/find the devices, and all of the cords hide behind the bookcase (ours is sitting on top of a two self book case). I didn’t realize that it came with 8 connection cables. What a great plus! I like that the ones it came with are short, because that helps with crowding. We now use our longer cords in vehicles, and it is so nice to have extras for when we inevitable leave them at hotels/guest rooms. The only problem we have is that our iPad minis with protective cases are too thick to fit in a single slot. We get around that by letting the cover hang over the side, and spacing them out. There are six devices in the family, and I am glad I got the 8slot version. That gives us room to grow and hold these extra large devices. Great buy!

    The perfect charging station!!!

    I like the fact that it was pretty easy to assemble, I didn’t needed the instructions! I was looking for something to have all the electronics organized and I found it.I was contacted via email before I received the package saying that some costumers have received broken pieces but all mine came intact.I own an Apple Watch and it came with a holder for my Apple Watch charger. There’s another holder that I haven’t still figured out what it mis for but I’m sure I’ll soon. It has 8 slots and even came with cords, the only thing for my is that the cords are a little short but it doesn’t really bother me.Overall the charging station that’s what we call it is the perfect organizer for charging all our electronic devices, I’m very happy with it.

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