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Nectar King Mattress

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    • 365-NIGHT HOME TRIAL - One of the best parts of choosing a Nectar Mattress is the incredible year-long trial period that starts the day your mattress is delivered to your door.
    • GEL MEMORY FOAM. Nectar is a gel memory foam bed-in-a-box mattress designed for every kind of sleeper and helps distribute your weight and body heat around the mattress, so you don't sleep hot or feel lumps.
    • FIVE LAYERS OF COMFORT. Soft & airy top layer of the quilted cooling Tencel mattress cover. The second layer of gel memory foam distributes your weight. Add in an adaptive response transition layer that provides support to avoid the feeling of sinking into quicksand. Backed with a base layer to reinforce support. At the very bottom is a mattress cover to ensure that mattress slippage is not an issue!
    • TWO FREE PREMIUM PILLOWS INCLUDED - And with every mattress purchase, you also receive two free Nectar Premium Pillows. They will be found within the mattress packaging. ($150 value)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Mabel Brown

    With Covid in the environment, I did not want to go to a mattress store and lay on a mattress to test out the comfort. So, I read different mattress reviews and explored the best mattress to buy for the way I sleep. I wasn't sure that I would find a good mattress without seeing one in person, but then I stumbled upon the Nectar mattress. I decided that I would give this gel mattress a try as it was recommended for all sleep styles (side, back, stomach) and it has the best warranty on the market: lifetime!I opened up the mattresses (2, twin xl) as soon as they arrived (mattress in a box) so that they would have time to expand and "air out" before using. ( I was waiting for the new bed frame to arrive that would be used with these mattresses.) One mattress corner did not completely expand, so I pushed on and around that corner of the mattress a few times, readjusted the cover that came with the mattress, and few hours later the mattress was fully expanded.We now have the mattresses in use. So comfortable!!!!!!!!! My husband and I have slept on them for three nights and each of us wake up without aches and pains! My Fitbit has given me a sleep score of 80+ all three nights. On my old mattress I was getting a sleep score of only 75 or lower. So, I am feeling rested sleeping on these mattresses.

    Celeste Mariner
    High Quality mattress for a great price!

    I bought the Nectar Twin XL mattress for my 21 year old son. This was my first purchase of a mattress in a box. I was reluctant to buy a mattress online, but decided now was the time to give this a try. My son needed a mattress and I did not want to go to a mattress store. I am so happy with my purchase! The mattress is awesome! It is high quality for a great price. I love the look of it. I love that there is no Box Spring and most important my son loves it. It is so comfortable and the XL length is perfect for him. The purchase was stress free. It arrived as expected. It was easy to remove from the box and setup. This mom will be buying more mattresses from Nectar!

    Love at First Night!! ♥️Zzzzz

    After a 5 year old Hybrid mattress (10 yr warranty) was no longer comfortable. My husband and I were experiencing neck, shoulder & back pain. The mattress was increasing pain on pressure points: shoulders, hips and heels.I knew we needed a new mattress, but it needed to be the right one. My husband had cervical spine surgery several years ago and suffers from lower back pain.I began reading reviews/articles on the best memory foam mattress for back pain, side sleeper-combination (back/side) sleeper. I narrowed it down to 3:1- Purple2- Casper3- NectarMy decision was made after reading comparisons from sleepopolis.comThat compared Casper vs Nectar & Purple vs Nectar.Both comparisons rated the Nectar as having a softer, more pressure relieving structure with a feel that’s plush and deeply contouring.Our personal preference is a mattress that’s plush. So I went with the Nectar Mattress. I ordered the Nectar (Queen) mattress from so I could have it in 2 days. It arrived first thing in the morning- 7:15am. We unboxed and set it up. The manufacturer instructions said to measure it with a ruler. When it reaches 11” it’s fully expanded. It was a full 11” when we got home from work (about 10 hrs later)The first night, we weren’t expecting to form any opinion, but we both slept amazingly well. My husband said he didn’t move the entire night! This is a man that would get up everyday very early, because it hurt to lay in bed! I too, slept really well, and we also used the free pillows that came with the mattress. I woke up, without any neck pain. This Nectar mattress is incredible! In just 8 days, we aren’t waking up in pain and we’re both sleeping through the night. The mattress cradles you in comfort, supports your shoulders/back and offers exceptional pain relief. It’s so comfortable, I love this bed and pillows. The Nectar mattress has an impressive 365 day sleep trial- the longest in the industry and a lifetime time warranty.

    Ann B. Elwood
    Excellent mattress for stomach/side sleepers

    This mattress gives just enough so that my spine has support but my arthritic shoulders can sink into it to their prime comfort level. I am very, very happy with it. My dog likes it, too. :)

    Better than a $5,000 TemperPedic Mattress

    I went to two different mattress stores and fell in love with a $5,000 TemperPedic super cooling (blah blah blah, all the things) mattress and needless to say I was pissed. My budget was tops $2k and even then that felt too much. After months and months of agonizing over what mattress I should get, I finally landed on the Casper and Nectar. Everyone who bought a Nectar mentioned side sleeping and I'm well within the weight recommendations. It just kept checking all the boxes, so... I pulled the trigger. I happily paid the $20 to get it brought inside my house (I weigh about as much as the mattress does lol) and I was wonderfully surprised when I saw on the box that my King mattress came with 2 pillows - something that wasn't mentioned anywhere.So here's the long and short of it:- This mattress is a solid 6.5 firmness. If you're used to a standard firm mattress - this is NOT your mattress. This is the happiest medium I've ever found between a super lush, sleeping on a cloud 8" pillow top (that I had prior) and a regular everyday firmness. If you truly need a firm mattress... I wouldn't choose this one.- When I lay down, I immediately feel the bed start to fill in the gaps of my body - both back sleeping and side sleeping. It's a slow fill, not a heavy sink in which I really love.- The bed was left alone in an open room for 3 days before sleeping on it. It had the very mildest smell of dust and plastic for the first few hours and it looked like a lobsided pancake when rolled out. This quickly went away and within 24 hours it was ready to be slept on. I left it for 2 additional days just as a precaution to let it fully air out and get to its full potential. My own weird preference, but 24 hours would have definitely sufficed.- The pillows aren't great for sleeping, but they are wonderful for propping up behind you while watching TV, reading a book or just messing around on your phone. It was a nice addition and unexpected.- I have kept cool EVERY single night, despite my heat occassionally being far too high. It also kept me warm under my covers when I forgot to close a window in 40 degree temps in the middle of winter. It has been, hands down, the best mattress at helping to regulate my temperature. This has been a MAJOR plus for me.- Within 1 week, I noticed my body wasn't aching anymore and my hips and knees stopping hurting from sleeping funny. I comfortably sleep through the night every night. Going on 3 months now and I'm incredibly happy with it.For curious readers - the mattress itself is super soft and pleasant to the touch. It looked just as expensive (only thinner) than the TemperPedic I had originally fell in love with. The quality is definitely there and I cannot recommend this mattress enough.

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