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Manduka 6mm Yoga Mat

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    • PRO YOGA MAT: Professional quality ultra-supportive 6mm thick yoga mat. Perfect for the serious yogi, Pilates, barre, or fitness aficionado. For gym, studio, or home use. Pair with one of our performance towels for extra grip during sweaty sessions
    • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Discover the legacy-- Ultra-dense cushioning provides superior support, stability, and joint protection. 6mm thick exercise mat provides cushion and support on any surface
    • QUALITY MATERIAL: Beloved by teachers worldwide for nearly 20 years. Meticulously crafted in Germany, from PVC that has been certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. Responsibly crafted in a sustainable emissions-free facility

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Jimmy C
    It does what a mat should do

    I am now 70 years old, and do yoga at home on the carpeted floor, and also go to a yoga studio weekly and get down on their hardwood floor. The extra margin of cush from using this mat matters to me, and I love it. I don't do sweaty yoga, only the slow kind, and I find this mat to be tacky enough to be useful in keeping myself positioned in some of the stretches. I'm very glad to have this large-sized mat because the extra room does get used…and besides that there's a good feeling that comes from having the extra space, some psychological comfort. The mat's heavier than the supermarket variety, but that's not a problem for me. I carry it out the front door to the pickup, and then from the parking spot to the yoga studio––not a big deal. I use the Manduka sling thing to keep the mat rolled, and that works well. So, nothing to dislike, and a lot to be positive about. Good mat, IMHO.

    Dave York
    Black Cadillack!

    Most amazing mat ever. My knees have been thanking me since I got it!Extra length is great for someone my height 6'2" & the lifetime warranty is an added nonus

    Cali in the valley
    Definitely a PRO mat

    I'm not a yogini. I don't even enjoy stretching but I do workout 6 days a week. Lifting, jogging, kick boxing, trail running, HIIT. Although I don't love stretching I do stretch and I do Yoga because it's good for me. This mat is heavy. I mean heavy heavy probably close to 6-8 lbs I don't know for sure. You have to "season" it before you use it. Ignore all the negative reviews because if properly seasoned it is not slippery and trust me I sweat like a beast. I sweat so bad it looks like I took a shower after my workouts. Here is how I prepared my mat prio to use. I took a body brush the kind you can buy at your local drug store and a jar of sea salt. I misted my mat with water outside and then applied the salt. Then I scrubbed it in circular Karate Kid like (wax on and off motions). I Karate Kid waxed on and off the heck out of it like I was preparing for a battle against cobra khan. Left it in the sun to "cook" and the next morning I washed it all off. Ta Da!! Ready for use. I also find that the more I use it the better it gets with the "sticky factor." I expect this mat to last me a life time and 3 months later it just gets better and better like a nice pair of worn leather cowboy boots. Wish it wasn't so heavy but I appreciate the cushion and thickness and I don't travel with it but heck if I did it would be part of my workout so I don't mind.

    Andy W.
    Best Yoga Mat I Have Ever Used - Makes It Easier For Me To Balance

    I like this yoga mat quite a bit! I am using it for Bikram (hot) yoga, so I always use it with a towel in place over it. I know others have written that this mat can be slippery when it gets wet (sweaty) but since I am using it with a towel I have not experienced that.What I have found is that it is a little easier for me to balance on this mat than it was on the last mat I used, which was more of a "foam" mat. I had been using that thicker, foam mat in an attempt to ease the pain in my knees in some of the floor postures. I'm finding that this Manduka Pro mat is just as good, if not better for my knees, and that since it is thinner, it is making it easier for me to balance.The mat is certainly substantial, which also means it is heavy, but this is not an issue for me as I leave the mat at the studio.Many online sites consider this the best yoga mat made today, and I can't disagree. I love it!I hope you found this review helpful. On the other hand, if you did not find this review helpful, I’d be interested in hearing why, so that I may attempt to edit it and make it more helpful to both you and others. If you leave a comment on the review, suggesting how it would be more helpful, I promise to respond to your comment, and to attempt to incorporate your suggestion in my review, if it is at all possible for me to do so. My goal is to write reviews that help people, as I have been helped by the reviews others have written. Thanks!

    S. Brodeur-Campbell
    Amazing mat.

    I've been doing yoga for 7 years. I've gone through a couple of regular sticky mats by now (I don't like how they get stretchy after a couple of years), so I decided to buy something more durable. I love the texture of this mat -- it's very solid feeling with a good bit of stick -- and it doesn't move around at all. It has just the right amount of cushion to it, and I use it on a hard floor. I also bought the Lumi towel (large size), also by Manduka, to put on the mat, since my hands and feet tend to sweat by the time I get to the middle of my routine, and this can make any mat slippery. I didn't have any trouble with the coating on the mat -- it wore off after a little bit, and I used the towel until it did. I also didn't agree with some of the other reviews saying it was too heavy. It's a bit heavy, but not too much to carry around all over -- I made a carry handle from a yoga strap (looped over both ends of the rolled up mat) and throw it over my shoulder.

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