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Hbada Swivel Desk Chair

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    • Home Office Desk Chair - Sleek design and simple adjustment mid-back desk chair. Match different decorative styles. Ergonomic backrest fits the natural curve of the lower back and takes the pain of the spinal away from your body
    • Space Saving - You can flip the arms up and put the chair under the desk for saving space.Suitable for living room, study room, conference room, and office
    • Breathable - High density mesh back, flexible supportive, breathable. Designed to support your lower back



      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      What an elegant and comfortable chair!

      Love the colors and love the chair. There is just enough of a cushion so I don't get uncomfortable and it has just enough support that I can lean back and go into a more relaxing position if need be.

      Well Made, Perfect Compact Size, Good Features

      This chair was purchased to replace an office chair being used at my kitchen desk. I am very happy with the choice of Hbada for price, design and features. It is adjustable and comfortable plus the size is perfect. It is smaller than the previous chair, which is a bonus. My old, large black task chair was too large and bulky for the space; the faux leather on the large arms of it severely cracked, as did the seat. The arms on the Hbada chair are smaller and also may be raised and lowered. On my old chair, the arms were large, extended further out and were fixed in place. These arms are constructed of a solid material, rather than upholstered (which will quickly tear & crack); The seat on the Hbada chair is a comfortable, cool and breathable woven upholstery, which can be treated with a stain repellent if necessary. It also rolls easily across a rug I use, So glad I went with this Hbada chair. The compact design and adjustable features, including the arms, were for me, a great choice. It's a good value. Comparable chairs are more bulky and up to twice as expensive.

      Linda Applegate
      A nice chair fit my younger sister

      I off from work today got a lot of free time. and spent a lot of time to shop on today. Then I saw this office chair at my order history. (My younger sister made this order)It made me decide to spend some time to share my exp and personal testimony of my life. this office chair? I bought it for my sister as a birthday gift.she is a picky and picky young girl. Before she decides to get this chair she already looking for a "nice" chair one week.after my dad received this package. I'm the person who spent the time to assemble this chair. ( can't count on the lazy man)this chair is easy to assemble to me. I spent almost one hour on it. Then I took away my gaming chair, using this office chair one day.For my personal short using exp, this chair is comfortable enough for young people. Not matter from the backside or not.it gave me comfort enough feeling. especially the adjustable seat high.I'm 5ft11 and 165lb. When I sitting on that chair it gave a pretty neat feeling. like this chair exactly fits my body shape. everything works perfectly. Just because I'm the person assembly it :)if compare with my gaming chair I still like my gaming chair better. But to my sister. She like this black white office chair better. Not matter from sitting comfortably or product appearance. That made her argue with me: my chair is better than your gaming chair.:( yea, she is right. Lady first. and now she took this new chair to the dorm room share with her roommate. she is happy with it. I'm glad to see her happy.she likes orange juice, I like coke.but sometimes we both like pineapple.it really depends on personal.

      Great Chair

      Easy to assemble and good quality. Well worth a few extra bucks, especially for daily use.Really comfortable seat, great contoured back, and adjustable in every way you could ever want, which is what we were looking for. After purchasing leather/bonded leather chairs and having them peel, we have decided this might be the perfect compromise. I'm still figuring out just how loose I want to make the tilt adjustment. I put it together myself accordding with assemble instructions, but it would be way faster and less awkward with help. I'v had it for 2 weeks and so far i still like it.

      Good Comfortable Affordable Chair with Flip Up Arms

      When the Covid pandemic hit and my husband started to work from home we knew he was going to need a new office chair. He wanted something that would fit under his desk, had arms that moved up and down (for guitar playing), an adjustable seat height and a rocking feature. I wanted a chair that I could easily assemble and change out the wheels for hardwood floor friendly wheels. Both of us wanted a chair under $200.My husband is tall at 6 ft and he weighs 200 pounds, so he needed a chair that was going to be comfortable and supportive all day for his large frame. Most office chairs were either built for smaller people or were priced at $800. As I continued my research this Hbada chair continuously popped up, so we bought it.This chair is very easy to assemble. I put it together (which is truly saying a lot) and the only issue I had was getting the rocking function to work at the end. My husband figured that out in less than 10 seconds. I was also easily able to replace the stock wheels with hard wood floor safe wheels.It has now been about three months of daily use and the chair has been really comfortable. The arms fold up perfectly to both fit under the desk and for playing the guitar. After the rocking function was enabled, it has not been locked back in place, so I think that is a favorite feature. I know I would have heard complaints if the seat or back were hard or lumpy and there has been no news. In my husband's world, no news is really good news.The wheels that came with the chair were just fine, but I am very glad I went ahead and purchased the hardwood floor safe wheels because it avoided the need for a rug or mat to protect the floor. The chair moves around the office easily.I was not super excited about the white plastic, but it is really not bad at all. It's easy to wipe down every week and it does not look as much like an inexpensive office chair as I thought it would.

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