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Gya Labs Essential Oil - 0.34oz

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  • Diffuse or Inhale - Soothe tense muscles and ease digestive discomfort with white angelica essential oil.
  • Boost Your Mood - Essential oils help uplift the atmosphere for better more energetic moods every day.
  • Soothe Muscles - Essential oil organic relaxes sore muscles and relieves pain for better days out.
  • Natural Ingredients - Gya Labs angelica root essential oil is first cultivated in China steam distilled to perfection, great as angelica essential oil spray.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Elida C.
LOVE Roses

I do read the reviews and take to heart both pros-and-cons. I gave this a try over other brands and absolutely love the product. As soon as I got it, it just stood there and smelled the opened bottle. I was transported to a rose garden.. just lovely!! I immediately added it to my body and face oil that I religiously use. It's just perfect. Thank you for making this product. Will buy again!

Great for Tea

I like to add a few drops to tea or ginger broth for extra protection! Great stuff! The bible tells us that essential oils were used for healing and our bodies best defense that is natural! Trust the bible I say!

Blue Lotus Aromatherapy
Very pleasant aroma.

Good packaging and fast delivery. This is my first time using Ylang-Ylang from this supplier. The initial aroma is pleasant and strong, then it fades away leaving a lingering after scent. I will use this oil to make a pillow spray and perfume and see how it turns out.

So far, Great stuff!!!

I like this brand! Package came on time, it was safe and secure thanks to the seller caring! Nothing was broken and product was unopened and bottle was full! I like that the product is quick to absorb and actually does make your skin feel nice, not greasy. I'm testing it on my facial expression lines to see it it softens them at all. I had only been using it in the evening only.. And not every evening either...To get serious I'm going to use it like I would if I got it from a dermatologist, and a hair dresser!!! I'm going to use this just the way that I'd use a "professional" product!I will use it 2x a day on both my face and split ends in my hair. I'll give it a full month and review again. If anyone wants to remind me via dm 😉 that t would work too! Ty ahead

Dr Michael
Fantastic Essential Oil

Wow! What a fragrance! After reading the reviews I wasn't sure this oil was what my wife and I wanted. Although I've been knowledgeable concerning Essential Oils for 25 years or so (when I was in Medical School), I had never heard of Gya Labs. I decided to try it and I must say it is great. The Rose Oil smells just like Roses and the fragrance filters through our Apt. much more so than other Essential Oils we have tried. It smells like a Rose Garden in the dewy morning. I definitely recommend this Company's Essential Oils.

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