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Johnson Controls Smart Thermostat with Touchscreen

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    • Indoor air quality monitoring including humidity, total VOCs, and equivalent CO2
    • Outdoor air quality reporting including allergens, air quality index, and UV index. Compatability GLAS can control the following types of split or packaged units- Conventional, single-stage up to 2H/2C, Heat pump, up to 2H/2C/2 Aux Heat. GLAS is compatible with the following HVAC configurations- Gas Heat, Oil Heat, Electric Heat, Ground-, Air-, and Water-source heat pumps, Dual-fuel support for Heat Pump
    • Beautiful user interface and a translucent OLED touchscreen
    • Program your own schedule or allow GLAS to do it for you using the integrated occupancy sensor to create a comfortable space when you are at home
    • Mobile connectivity with free GLAS by JCI smart thermostat mobile app available for smartphones and tablets on both iOS and Android
    • Control multiple GLAS thermostats in different locations with one mobile app
    • Remote software updates mean the GLAS smart thermostat keeps getting better
    • Straightforward installation instructions and online compatibility checker
    • 7-day scheduling allows you to schedule multiple events per day

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Karl Ramm
    Very Clean

    This smart thermostat is by far and away the best looking one there is. I'm a bit of a tech geek and I can assure you, I've done my homework. This works flawlessly with my Google Assistant and the app is perfectly fine. I normally use the Google home app to control it if necessary. It's scheduled to adjust to specific temperatures so I hardly use the apps. I'd rather walk up to it and touch the Glas screen anyway because let's face it, it's pretty badass. Johnson controls has been around for ever. Microsoft operating system actually built into the unit. Homerun!

    Mr. Pros and Cons
    Beautiful thermostat

    Bought this to replace my nest. The display is nice and readable even at the lowest brightness. The touchscreen is very responsive. The app is very plain and basic same go for the voice control. I'm still messing around with alexa voice command and I'm not that impress but that's a deal breaker for me. For installation is quite simple and it even comes with a c (common) wire adapter if your old thermostat doesn't have a common wire connection.Pro- Beautiful. Elegant. Touchcontrol is very responsive. Clarity is great. Installation easy.Cons - Very plain app.

    Sexy and Stylish

    Installing it was easy. I opted not to use the optional backplate as it is mounted on a flat white wall.For the installation, I verified that I had the blue wire and connected it up. It worked fine, except it would not communicate with the internet. The wiring was done wrong. Not at the thermostat end but at the furnace end when they originally installed it. If it does not work, go check and make sure that the furnace was wired correctly too!Once installed, setting it up was a breeze. I did have a little trouble integrating it with Alexa because the instructions are not completely clear, (they kind of missed a step that is obvious once you do it but you do not think of it beforehand. Tech support was again super helpful.Documentation of features could be improved. They point out many of the features but when you start playing with the new thermostat you will realize that there are more. Pleaseant surprise.

    Jeremy S
    Beautiful thermostat!

    This is the best looking thermostat on the market and it looks just as good in person as it does online. Maybe it isn't the smartest on the market but it just came out and it is smart enough... The looks definitely take this over the top for me!

    Danny P
    Exceeds Expectations

    Glad I looked past some of the reviews for this product. I purchased this for a retail commercial space and the install was easy. We painted the cover black for a more modern look. The app seems to work fine and integration with Alexa works fine as well. In our opinion, it also looks far better than any smart thermostat out there. We will probably purchase another one for at home.

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