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FIJI Natural Artesian Water - 12 Pack

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    • Pack size: Pack of 12, 1.5L (50.7 Fl Oz) bottles of FIJI Water
    • Everyday hydration: The 1.5L bottle is the largest of the FIJI line, perfect for on-the-go hydration throughout the day, or for keeping a refreshing reserve in the fridge at home or the office
    • Double Electrolytes: FIJI Water has more than double the electrolytes as the top premium bottled water brands for a soft, smooth taste. And while theirs are added, ours occur naturally from slowly filtering through volcanic rock
    • Natural artesian: Bottled from a natural, sustainable artesian aquifer in the remote Fijian Islands, untouched by man
    • Soft, smooth taste: Rain slowly filters through volcanic rock, giving FIJI Water a perfectly balanced 7.7 pH, and its signature, soft smooth taste


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    This water recommended by physicians

    My physician recommended that I drink this water so this is all that me and my family have drank for years. We stay healthy and happy. Love it

    Water I don't have to lug from the car!

    My water came a day early! I'm very happy with the delivery service! Fiji is my new "go-to" water and I was originally purchasing the 1 liter bottles to drink twice a day, but I decided to purchase these 1.5 liter bottles to fulfill my daily water intake. The other .5 liters I'll use my Brita filter. This water is so crisp and refreshing, it goes down smoothly! Taste exceptional when it's cold. The water comes in two separate six packs in their original packaging and then placed in a sealed cardboard box. I would consider subscribing to this water, but I'm sure I'll order a couple times a month, unless I find it on sale in the grocery store by my house.

    colin smith
    It's definitely the real deal.

    Just gonna boost this with a 5 star rating for the people who see these 2017 reviews and get worried. Yes, it's authentic Fiji water. Make sure it's sold & shipped by though. Great water.

    A Great buy!

    Perfect. All these other reviews about it being fake fiji?no way. Seals are intact and taste exactly as it should on every order I have bought. Which is weekly.

    Melissa Belle
    Smooth tasting water that is good for you!

    I enjoy the smooth flavor of this water. I began drinking it to assist in ridding my body of aluminum buildup after myMother was diagnosed with earlyOnset Alzheimer’s. It’s is very convenient and affordable to order through ’s subscription service. It is much cheaper to Oder it through here versus the Fiji water website.

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