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D-Link Wi-Fi Dual Band Range Extender

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    • Extend the coverage of your home's existing wireless network
    • Up to 750 Mbps (300 Mbps 2.4GHz and 433 Mbps 5GHz)
    • High-speed wireless AC connectivity for your laptops, smartphones, and tablets
    • Easily add dual-band coverage to your existing single-band router
    • Compatible with any wireless router brand
    • Wall plug design is compact, portable, and does not require additional power cables
    • WPA2/WPA wireless encryption to keep your wireless connection secure
    • WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) for secure setup with the simple press of a button


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Does the job

    Ordered this for my 80 yr old parents. They have a large house with the wifi situated at one end and Dad's Alexa at the other end which received a fairly weak wifi signal. This device was very easy to install, even for me, a certified klutz at any kind of installation. Dad can now listen to Pandora through his Alexa and not have it cut out and unexpectedly shut down on him. I can also use my to program his Alexa, or show him videos and I get a good strong signal.


    Amazing product love it

    Samuel Atkins
    Works well....simple to use.

    As stated above this thing works, you simply have to fiddle with it (or at least I did) to get it positioned properly to pick up the signal from the router and relay it effectively. This for me meant hooking it to an extension cord and walking around my basement (router is upstairs) in order to find the "sweet spot" where it gets enough coming in, yet is close enough for my PC to recieve. I almost sent it back until I took the time to experiment with this proximity, but once I got it right, it works well.

    Cool Music
    Life saver device, must purchase!

    I had bought this d-link wireless extender, because I was having difficulties going and staying online from my room. Once you step into my bedroom the signal went from 3 bars to two to a weak signal reading, sometimes the signal drops in and out. I had to walk out of my room to get a stronger signal. Now that I have installed this extender in my room, I can now get a strong connection every time! No more dropped signal or going in and out , or receiving a weak signal. The device was simple to install, just plug it in, press the button, and follow the instructions and you are online in no time! This is not a router! This is only used for if you have existing wifi but want to extend the wifi range in you home, office or wherever you want to put it. This is a must buy item, i recommend you purchase this if you have any area in your home or office that's is a hard to reach and gets a weak signal from your existing router, just plug in, do some configuring and you will have wider wifi range quickly and easy. Shipping was fast.. Got it in 2 business days!

    Akmal Qabal
    Easy to setup

    Really easy setup once you connect to its wifi signal and open the browser to see the setup page. Unlike other reviewers, I can see this will boost signals for both your 2.4 and 5ghz wifi if you have a router that does both.

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