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Classic Brands 14" Euro Pillow Top Mattress

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    • 72" W x 84" L x 14" H
    • Combines the superior support of a wrapped-coil innerspring system with the conforming response of gel-infused memory foam for the ultimate sleeping experience
    • Beautifully detailed quilted euro-top knit cover with a corded edge and coordinating knit sides for breathability
    • Gel-infused memory foam layer draws heat away from the body allowing for a more comfortable refreshing night's sleep; wrapped innerspring coils prevent motion transfer between partners for an undisturbed night of rest
    • High-quality memory foam conforms to your body while the cool gel regulates body temperature; porous, open-cell design allows for greater circulation and meets CertiPUR-US program standards for performance, emissions, and durability
    • Euro-top with cushion-firm feel
    • Mattress ships compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box conveniently delivered to your door for easy set-up; frame/foundation/base not included


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Fred Shoppin
    My first impression in the memory foam top has left me with this impression overall.

    A preliminary assessment, which I will add to later.As heavy as the books Moby Dick or Ulysses. Not the subject matter, which is pretty heavy too, but the actual avoirdupois. As heavy as your Aunt Bertha, who recently died and you got recruited to help carry her casket, even though you didn't know her very well, as she and your mother stopped talking to one another 15 years ago after the spoiled banana cream pie incident (and who judging from her weight had eaten quite a few cream pies in her lifetime). As heavy as your eyelids when listening to a long rambling sermon at a midnight church service.And soft! As soft as the underbelly of a government bureaucrat who in 25 years hasn't worked up a sweat inside or outside the office. As soft as laying on a bed of swan feathers, just the feathers mind you, as laying on the swans themselves would be noisy with all the squawking going on (and who could blame them?) not to mention that it would be like lying on a young super model, with all those bones sticking you in the ribs and the 5th vertebrae, which Dr. Hummerstein has likened to a Picasso as seen via ex-ray, though he might want to get a better look via an MRI. And, as soft as a butter sculpture of President Trump at the Iowa State fair in the second week of August, even with a flank of window air conditioners doing their darndest to keep him (well, not the real him, just his buttery likeness) soft.So far, I am very pleased.

    Diana Boley
    Take the chance you will be happy you did!

    Purchased this bed after reading all the reviews and I have to say buying a bed sight unseen was a little scary but this chance paid off. We love the bed. It is very comfortable and was so easy to maneuver into the bedroom. It was kinda funny when we took the plastic wrap off, it just started sucking in the air and expanding. It took a couple of hours to expand all the way and then we (my husband and I) grabbed the handles and took it down the hall and set it up..........very easy. As for people talking about the smell.......it goes away in a day or so. I would recommend this mattress to anyone, it is great. we purchased the Cal King.

    Great sleep and a great price

    This bed arrives vacuum sealed and rolled up. There is an outer layer of plastic, and an inner layer. My recommendation would be to setup your frame, and box-spring, then with some help take the rolled up mattress and put it on top of the box spring. After that, cut the outer layer and roll out the mattress (which is still vacuum sealed). Lastly, cut the plastic that is vacuum sealing the mattress and slowly let the air expand and as the mattress gets larger it is already setup on the bed. This is what I did and it worked really well for me (and having a helper is really handy too).It took two weeks for the memory foam to fully expand and it feels like you are sleeping on a cloud. I have back pain, and neck pain, but after sleeping on this bed, it has gotten much better. I bought the King size which is a bargain compared to other King size beds in the same category.When your partner moves, you will not be disturbed. It is a great nights sleep at a bargain. I would purchase this again.

    Perfect Blend of Soft and Firm

    I've slept on two Memory Foam mattresses recently (one from Serta and one from DynastyMattress) and, Without trying to sound too Goldilocks, the Serta was 'too firm' and the Dynasty was a little 'too soft'. Not to say that either was uncomfortable--memory foam is heaven compared to all other mattresses--but of them all, this 'Classic Brands' mattress does it best.I think the secret might be in the individual coils. This mattress seems to curve more with my body and it's much more comfortable when sleeping on my side compared to the ultra-firm Serta. I believe the coils also drastically help reduce heat which is a common complaint among memory foam sleepers. Living in Phoenix, there's pretty much no time of year when I would want the bed to be hotter rather than cooler. This mattress is also the coolest of the three mattresses I've used.OVERALL: This is a fantastic buy for someone wanting to upgrade to memory foam at an affordable price. The 'hybrid' design works better for my body type than a 100% memory foam mattress which doesn't tend to flex as well for side sleepers. I like that it's cooler on the body and not too firm or soft. Highly recommended!Quick Tip: The mattress is delivered in an airtight roll. Once it is exposed to air it will start to expand. It's pretty much ready to use within a few seconds, but realize that it may take a few days for all parts to fully expand naturally. I did notice it felt much more comfortable on day 3 than it did on day 1

    Glenn R. Howes
    Good Choice if Pure Memory Foam is Too Firm

    I've been sleeping on a pure memory foam mattress for the last year, and I prefer it. But it is extremely firm, and my kids get frustrated that you can't bounce on it. So, I was happy to bring this mattress into the house to see if a hybrid might be better than both pure memory foam and classic springs.It comes looking like a big white hot dog, tightly compressed in its shipping box. I put it on an old pulled out hide-a-bed and cut off its plastic casing with scissors, taking care not to nick the fabric. And it immediately started to decompress and was soon a flat, thick mattress. It smelled of chemicals so I made sure to keep the area well ventilated for several days. Also, make sure it's right side up, the springy bottom is not uncomfortable, but probably not what you want. It weighs well over 100 lbs, and is awkward once decompressed, so make sure you have it where you want it when opening.As for comfort, now that summer vacation has officially started in New Hampshire, my kids have taken to lolling around on it during their screen time, and basically acting as if they are at a hotel for the week. It's quite comfy for sitting up in bed and taking naps. Plus kids can jump on it and get some lift, unlike pure memory foam solutions. Everyone has been quite happy with it for day use.As for sleeping, I still prefer the pure cocooning experience of my memory foam mattress, although I can see where many people would prefer this somewhat softer experience, especially if they don't weigh much. Don't get me wrong, it's a perfectly nice mattress, just not my preferred one.Build quality is good with good materials throughout. I see my local furniture store sells competing hybrid models for a lot more money, and I can't imagine you will get something of a worthwhile extra build quality. The only issue is the several days of out-gassing. sent me an additional Classic Brands Pillow-Top mattress cover, and if you want an even softer experience, you might look into protecting your mattress with that too. My daughter absolutely adores it.[Update after 9 months: this mattress with the additional pillow top has turned out to be the most comfortable in the house. I get drowsy immediately on laying down. So bumping to 5 stars now that out gassing is a distant memory. Vine recently sent me a Zinus "Modern Studio" bed platform and that has been an excellent combination with this mattress. Highly recommended. ]

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