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Burpee 'Black Coral' Snake Plant

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    • EASY TO GROW: Grow Snake Plant in any room with any light levels. Plants in bright light will grow faster, but plants in low light will stay strong and healthy as well, just growing slower.
    • PLANTS IN THE HOME: One of the most popular plants for a modern and fashionable design scheme, plant Snake Plants in clean and contemporary containers to add a unique architectural element to any room. Average size as shipped: Height 12-14", Spread 10-12"
    • TIPS FROM BURPEE: Snake Plants are extremely drought tolerant and only need to be watered when the top couple inches of soil have dried. Be careful to not overwater or allow the roots to be in standing water.
    • BURPEE GUARANTEE: Burpee is 100% committed to providing our customers with the highest quality house plants. All of our house plant orders receive special growing care from our nursery to ensure healthy plants are packaged in good condition and shipped to each of our customers.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Faith Ann Caster
    Exactly as described!

    Everything was as described and it was of good size. The box had some loose soil that spilled in shipping that I tipped back into the pot because it was a significant amount. The only complaint I have is that the little plastic container it comes in does not have a drip tray, so I needed to purchase one to set inside the woven planter I had for it. Depending on your plans for the plant, that may not be any sort of issue for you. It has done very well with my little grow lamp in my windowless office over the last several months.

    Healthy Plant

    Surprised! Arrived in great shape. Only wish delivery drivers hadn’t put it on our doorstep upside down.Tip ... open the box outside so that any loose dirt doesn’t get all over your house.

    Healthy plant

    I didn't know what to expect ordering a live plant online but it arrived happy, healthy and in perfect condition! I wanted a plant for the nightstand in the bedroom and this was perfect.

    What a gorgeous plant💕💕 a must buy!

    Absolutely beautiful. This plant came very well packed, extremely healthy and has so many baby growth. It's full, has what looks like 5 plants in one and has 4 baby growth. Came in 1 1/2 weeks early. I brought one for my daughter and had to get one for me. It's gorgeous. Very happy 💙will definitely buy again as a present. Oh yeah, the price is great too 💕. Lastly it is 27 inches from bottom of root to tip. Wow!!! Really tall💙

    H. Bird
    Separated out nicely and packed great!

    When I found the box delivered on my doorstep, it was laying on its side (The delivery driver obviously did not pay attention to the instructions on the outside of the box that said there was a live plant inside and that it should be kept upright). Despite the driver not handling the package with care, the plant was packed in such a way that it really didn't matter too much. I was impressed at the quality and repotted into 3 separate ceramic pots afterwards. Some of the leaves had been cut off, but there were still enough to be beautiful and in great condition.

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