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Amazon Basics Multi-Angle Tablet Stand

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    • Portable stand for comfortable, hands-free viewing of a 4- to 10-inch tablet, e-reader, or smartphone
    • Easily adjusts to multiple viewing angles using convenient side button; holds device in either portrait or landscape position
    • Compatible with Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy / Tab, Google Nexus, HTC, LG, Nokia Lumia, OnePlus, and more
    • Removable rubber pad for slip and scratch-resistant performance
    • The durable zinc-alloy body can hold up to 11 pounds; folds flat when closed

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Courtland J. Carpenter
    Fantastic Stand, does the job and keeps your hands and arms free and rested to do whatever, like ...

    The picture here to me was a little deceiving, this thing is very small. There wasn't a product page link, so looking at the picture I thought is was about 6-8 inches in width. I knew it had been delivered, but picked over the small package a few times before I realized what it was. Actual size is about 4 inches wide and yet they kind of overkill on the thick aluminum alloy metal. The support itself is made of plastic, and here lies one of my very few complaints on this. In order to adjust the stand there is barely noticeable markerer that says press here with an arrow. I tried to force the plastic stand to move a few times before I saw it, so I'm lucky I'm fairly gentle, with no instruction guide I didn't break the stand. Once you know the push button release and the snap lock positions, it's easy to adjust the stand the way you like it.Like it I do, I recently bought an 8" HD tablet, and use it to stream all my anime shows and Netflix among others. At the hotel lying in bed, I was using a bottle under the flip over cover, and still had to hold the tablet in place the whole time. My arms were getting tired. At home I recline in my favorite chair in front of the TV, but sometimes it's just as easy to watch with the tablet on my stomach. Again a tiring affair, the fold over protective cover was made to kind of form a stand, but there was no good way to fix it on an uneven surface like me. This stand to the rescue the tablet fit and was quite stable after I'd adjusted the back brace to the correct angle. One other thing to watch is the plastic support piece under the bottom rest when not in use it falls out easy. If you don't want to lose it, I recommend when you move the back brace in you don't just move it flush with the metal, you move it over the plastic insert tablet support. That way it won't just drop away when you are putting this back.The stabilizing plastic skids on the bottom and top of the tablet support may fall off eventually, I can't tell how well they are bonded to the metal. I wouldn't count on the metal itself ever wearing out, but this might be damaged by stepping on it when the back brace is out, so beware. I don't know the actual price of this one, but I'd pay 20 bucks for it in a heartbeat, due to the utility value of it. Great for tablet support and small enough for cell phone support, although I'm not sure it will hold the really thick phones they are producing right now as well. Highly recommended for anyone with a tablet or phone, or other brand, this is nice.

    It was heavier than expected - which is good in my opinion

    High quality, the leg locks itself into place very tightly. It was heavier than expected - which is good in my opinion. It does not feel like a tiny bump will knock it over when I have my tablet in it. I have 0 need to buy any more, but they might just sneak into my cart at one point "just in case".

    Paula P.

    This is the best thing I've purchased for any kind of equipment. It's so well-made I can prove it! I've run over it with a 400lb power wheelchair and it didn't faze the holder at all!

    Small but effective

    It holds my iPad, does not knock over easily, and it folds up for easy storage. Good product for a good price.

    This stand rocks! Perfect for travel and home/office use.

    This a must have accessory if you have a tablet, especially sizable ones like say the iPad. The weight and the design of this make it versatile and stable.The design is minimalist and clever. A button at bottom of the folding edge of the stand is used to change the angle of the stand and can be used to fold or lock it away for storage. It might weigh a couple of hundred grams but it can be used anywhere. Especially, on a non-rigid surface like a bed/mattress/couch, should you need to set it up on there, it will still remain stable. This makes it versatile.The powder coated metal body is elegant left to itself. And will blend in with your table top like a contemporary showpiece.Could be better: The moulded rubber piece on which the tab rests is not secured. It keeps falling off. I don't want to spoil the look by taping it down. But, if this were secured from the factory, it'd be perfect.Nevertheless a perfect item for own use and for gifting.

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