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Sonos Microphone-Free Smart Speaker

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    • Brilliant sound - get rich, room-filling sound with the all-new Sonos One SL, and control it with the Sonos app, Apple Airplay 2, and more
    • For every room - The compact design fits just about any space. Put it on your kitchen countertop, or tuck it away on your office bookshelf. It's humidity resistant so you can even put it in the bathroom
    • Apple Airplay 2 - stream sound directly from your iPhone or iPad and ask Siri to play Apple Music
    • Stereo sound with two - Pair with Sonos One or another One SL in the same room for stereo separation and more detailed sound. Use a pair as rear home theater surrounds with Arc or Beam
    • Build your system - easily connect Sonos speakers in different rooms over Wi-Fi to create a home sound system that brings every room and everyone together
    • Easy to use - setup takes minutes, and control is simple with the Sonos app and Apple Airplay 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    R. Parker
    Perfect to pair up with the Sonos One

    Excellent. The Sonos One SL pairs up perfectly with my Sonos One. It looks and sounds like the Sonos One, just without the microphone and Alexa at a lower cost.

    Great music and sound and soooo many choices!

    I can not believe what this speaker can do. I am a true music lover and collector and I can honestly say that with this speaker I am still being introduced to newly discovered pieces every day. This was very easy to setup and takes up very little space. I cannot believe such great sound can come from such a compact device. The Sonos app guides you every step of the way during installation to insure that it is done properly and quickly. Once this speaker is set up and tuned for perfection, then the process of adding music services and linking music accounts that you are already have begins. This process takes a few minutes and, again, is fairly simple. I paired my echo dot to this speaker so that I can control it by voice and it works great. I plan to purchase and add more Sonos speakers so that I can put them in different rooms of my house, giving me the ultimate music experience. Once I got everything up and running with this, I started to explore what it can really do. I can not believe the services I can add to this speaker. I mean I’m talking about every single song and sound that exists is available on this. From the newest tunes and to the most obscure everything is here. I will never be able to get through and explore all the options. There are pod casts, audio books, radio stations inside of radio stations, and all the popular free and paid plans I could ever want like music or Apple or Pandora, Spotify, and even Calm, the list goes on and on. The sound quality is amazing. During setup it guided me through tuning so that the sound and location could work together in optimizing the sound quality of the speaker. This is meant to be a stationary speaker so if it is moved then the tuning process will have to be redone. I will never be able to write in this review all the wonderful things this speaker has to offer and the cost is so menial compared to its competitors. The makers of Sonos did an outstanding job in making sure that we never get bored with the speaker and the services it provides. Everything is up and running smoothly and I couldn’t be more pleased that I am able to have this kind of music experience.

    Laurie LaPrise

    I love this speaker so much. It’s made me happier. I need another one! I’m going yo buy it for people for wedding gifts.

    Great sound for the money

    I was hesitant at first to purchase after reading many negative reviews. However, most of the negative reviews had to do with mount adaptability, non blue tooth, no 3.5mm input and connectivity issues. Nothing about the sound. I bought a Sonos One(gen 2) from Home Depot where my wife works as I didn't want to wait to have it shipped and the price was the same. Connection to my wifi went without a hitch and used the trueplay to set up the sound for my bedroom office. I use Music Unlimited which connected with ease as did setting up Alexa. I was blown away by the sound and especially the base. After about two weeks of use, and getting the email about the sale prices, I decided to add an SL so I could set them up in a pair. The SL arrived through and once again setup went without a hitch. Went with the SL as I already had voice control on the One so saved the extra money. All I can say is Wow! Great sound for the money. I'm sure the Gen 3 and 5 are phenomenal but I couldn't justify spending that much more at this time. The sound detail on the music, especially now with a pair, is just incredible and the bass that comes through is way more than I could have ever expected. I listen to a variety of Metal genres, Metallica, FFDP, Tool, Rammstein, Disturbed, Godsmack etc and there is no comparison to the soundbars I used to use. If you are on the fence and can follow simple setup steps I highly recommend either the One or the SL for the money.

    Great little speaker: setup & room options guide from my experience

    Fantastic speaker for your home. This little thing really puts out quality sound, gets plenty loud and handles most of what you throw at it quite well. If you follow the instructions, setup is easy. Especially if you primarily use AirPlay, it works consistently well and provides a quick easy way to play your tunes. If not, using the Sonos app works decently well but is not as convenient, still, it can connect to a ton of music services and it’s relatively easy to operate nonetheless. So, overall, sound quality is 5/5, ease of use, 4/5 because not everyone has apple products. It’d be nice if you could get more than just black and white color (I think I saw one time they had a limited supply of other colors, though). The SL model is the same as the regular Sonos One without microphones built in for Alexa and Google Assistant. So it’s perfect if you don’t want either of those always listening to you OR if you just want to create a stereo pair. As a pair you do not need both speakers to be Ones as you only need one to have a microphone. As a stereo pair, it sounds even better than just one speaker by itself, but from experience you need to have a good amount of space to justify that (the speaker sounds great by by itself for a good radius of a several hundred square feet at least so if you have a small room it should be plenty) I used a pair in a family room in a small house and the pair was overkill, still sounded great but not much better than just one by itself. If you have a bigger house maybe over 2500 sq feet, a pair would be perfect for a larger living or family room in my opinion. If just a bedroom unless it’s massive, should be plenty.

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