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Audio-Technica Professional Studio Headphones

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    • Advanced build quality and engineering Designed for studio tracking and mixing
    • 40-millimeter drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils
    • Tune for enhanced low-frequency performance
    • Circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud environments
    • Convenient single-side cable exit Magnet neodymium Designed for studio tracking and mixing
    • Connectivity Technology Wired

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Excellent sound, but a little tight on big ears.

    One of the best sounding earphones I have ever used, and I do a lot of music and am pretty picky about sound. But they are not the best fitting. I have a slightly larger than average head and ears, and the "around the ears" pads squeeze the circumference of my ears ever so slightly. But if your ears are kinda average sized, you probably can't do much better than these at anywhere near the price. The sound is not exactly flat, but the whole frequency range is there and very "even" across the entire range. The midrange is very distinct and there is no mega-bass idiocy going on at all. Even with my slightly cramped ears these are very pleasant to listen to for extended periods, which is really not the case with my most "accurate" headphones.

    Joey Rodriguez
    Absolutely incredible for the price!

    As an audiophile I would highly recommend these headphones over any other in the same price point. They have crisp clear highs, solid band very detailed mids and the bass isn't extremely hard but it is very tight clear and strong. Even using an equalizer from your smartphone with these headphones you could get them to sound exactly how you would want them. The looks and build quality is by far the best over any other in this price point such as the sennheiser equivalent however the sennheiser headsets tend to benefit more from DAC's and headphone amplifier's. Trying to say this as simply as I can for the average consumer, these headphones are the best out there at this price, nothing could beat them overall and the build is strong and sturdy with little risk of breaking if dropped by accident.

    Michael Salbato
    Better Than Expected

    makes up a massive percentage of my purchases. Games, movies, computer accessories, even the occasional butter toffee peanuts (so good). That said, I'm awful at coming back and reviewing these things. But I'm so immensely pleased with these headphones, that I had to let others know.I've been using a Plantronics USB headset for years, for general use and podcast recording. It's a great piece of hardware, with its only flaw being a microphone that makes a quiet but noticeable ticking sound when it's off. When on, of course, I hear ambient sounds like my fan. None of this is a big deal in daily life, but now that I'm getting into EDITING said podcast, I realized I needed pure silence, and that slight feedback was a distraction.Some quick web searches led me to this model, and it's outstanding. It doesn't have a built-in mic like I'm used to, but I have an external mic anyway. But the 'flat' sound is great, perfect for listening for little things that need to be edited.I read that for my use, "noise canceling" should be avoided, as that tech can still introduce some feedback that could be distracting. These don't cancel noise, but they reduce outside noise a lot. As in, several noticeable measures more than my old headset. It makes for a quiet and distraction-free audio space. It's helping my audio editing work, of course, but it also makes music and video more enjoyable, as I can focus exactly on what I want to hear.It's more than I expected for $49 - I initially wondered if I should go one model higher - but I'm more than satisfied. I recommend it as highly as I'd recommend those P.Nuttles butter toffee peanuts.

    great headphones

    very good sound for the price

    Great for mixing and Comfortable to wear all day.

    These headphones are perfect for mixing and produce a really accurate sound without coloring too many frequencies. Plus, they're extremely comfortable right out of the box. I had a pair of sennheisers that took months to form to my head to get comfortable while these felt great straight away. I've been recently wearing them at work for 8+ hours a day 5 days a week without any real complaints.

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